OptiGun GA03

OptiGun® automatic gun: efficient and reliable

OptiGuns offer the highest transfer efficiency, perfect quality in every application and are the ideal solution for color change.

AP01 Application Pump

OptiSpray AP01 Application Pump: the revolution in powder feed

The best coating results are maintained constant for a very long period of time, even with longer powder hoses and higher powder output.

MagicCompact EquiFlow booth from Gema

MagicCompact® EquiFlow®: the compact color change solution

The great application and color change performance of EquiFlow technology integrated in a compact design, ideal for any layout.

OptiFlex2 B

OptiFlex®2 B: easy color changes

Ideal for quick color changes: it takes the powder directly from the original box. No need to replace and clean hoppers at color change.

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