OptiGun GA03 spraying

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Gema is a worldwide leading manufacturer of products and systems for electrostatic powder coating.

OptiFlex®2 F Spray: designed for high powder outputs

The usage of OptiSpray AP01 application pumps ensures best coating results for high film builds with an powder output of up to 600 g/min.


MultiStar multiple guns controller: precise and efficient

The MultiStar can control up to 12 guns simultaneously, with just one easy control panel.

OptiSelect GM03

OptiSelect® Manual Gun: powerful and versatile

OptiSelect is a powerful 100 kV manual gun that ensures great powder savings and application quality for long time with reduced operators' fatigue.


Color change improvements in existing lines

Start improving your color change performance imediately, without the need to replace the complete system.

Enamel application booth

Products for Enamel powder application

Electrostatic equipment, guns, injectors and complete systems specially designed for the abrasive enamel powder.

Application Expert

Logo Application Expert

More than 40 years' experience in powder coating, innovative solutions and advanced technologies make Gema the APPLICATION EXPERT for your special coating demands.

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PCI Webinar "Powder Coating Application Techniques" will be presented by Jeff Hale from Gema on February 11, 2016.

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