OptiGun GA03 spraying

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Gema is a worldwide leading manufacturer of products and systems for electrostatic powder coating.

OptiFlex2 F

OptiFlex®2 F: quality and productivity

The 50 l hopper is ideal for continuous use and offers perfect powder fluidization even in challenging environments.

Ultrasonic Sieve

Sieving solutions for every quality needs

From easy vibratory sieves to high quality rotary and ultrasonic sieves, Gema has the right solution for any quality expectations.

Automatic Gun GA03

OptiGun® automatic gun: efficient and reliable

OptiGuns offer the highest transfer efficiency, perfect quality in every application and are the ideal solution for color change.

MagicCompact EquiFlow

MagicCompact® EquiFlow: the compact color change solution

The great application and color change performance of EquiFlow technology integrated in a compact design, ideal for any layout.

OptiGun GA03

OptiFlex® Automatic Equipment

A modular product line easily tailored to customers' needs, offering perfect application quality, large powder savings and a quick payback.

Application Expert

Logo Application Expert

More than 40 years' experience in powder coating, innovative solutions and advanced technologies make Gema the APPLICATION EXPERT for your special coating demands.

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