Powder Management Center OptiCenter OC02

OptiCenter OC02: clean and precise powder feed

Clean and quick in color change, it offers outstanding coating results with integrated fresh powder feed and OptiFlow injectors.

Main Features Overview


Perfect coating quality with OptiCenter

The OptiSpeeder's perfect fluidization, the short suction tubes and the fresh powder feed ensure stable coating results with any powder.


Automatic fresh powder supply

The OptiSpeeder's level sensor activates the integrated fresh powder feed system and keeps a constant mix of fresh and recovery powder.

MagicCompact BA03

Dust-free and clean working conditions

The OptiCenter's sealed powder circuit guarantees dust free working conditions during operation and  color change.

Ultrasonic sieve US06

UltraSonic sieve in OptiCenter

The great sieving performance of an ultrasonic sieve combined with the flexibility and quick color change of an OptiCenter.

OptiCenter OC02

Available also in single color version

The OptiCenter can be provided with a larger fluidized hopper and be fed from any external fresh powder supply system.