OptiFlex2 W

OptiFlex®2 W: easy integration in every powder line

Designed to be mounted on booth walls OptiFlex2 W can be easily integrated in any existing coating line.

The new OptiFlex®2, puts the world’s most advanced manual powder coating technology in the palm of your hand

Spray all powder coating materials with ease, coat complex geometries with outstanding efficiency and quality and do it all in the most challenging environments – anywhere on the planet.

  • Any powder! Today, you’re faced with the challenge of spraying a multitude of powder coating colors and chemistries. OptiFlex2 manual powder coating system gives you the power and control needed to achieve the best looking finish with any powder coating.
  • Any part! Complex part geometries won’t slow you down. OptiFlex2 manual powder coating system simplifies the coating of difficult shapes by applying the powder coating precisely where needed.
  • Any place! No matter where you are, you’ll be powder coating perfectly with the new OptiFlex2. Whether operating in heat or cold, in dry or humid conditions, OptiFlex2 delivers outstanding functionality and performance required for any coating environment.