OptiFlex2 BN

OptiFlex®2 BN: special design for bornitride application

This unit is specially designed for the precise application of boron nitride anti-stick powder used in the aluminum extrusion process.

Main Features Overview

OptiFlex2 BN

Easy integration in aluminum extruders

Gema has realized hundreds of successful installations with aluminum extruders of every type and brand.

Stirrer Hopper

Ideal to process boron nitride and difficult powders

The unique stirrer hopper is specially designed to feed the very fine and lightweight boron nitride powder and avoid clogging.


Precise powder output

All the components of the equipment are designed to allow the application of a very small amount of the expensive boron nitride powder.

OptiFlex2 S and BN Dual Gun

Flexibility to extend capacity

When two guns are required, this model can be easily extended to a double unit.